Levi Johnston, who is the baby daddy of Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol Palin, has been stirring up the drama soup as of late! His shoot with Playgirl Magazine wasn’t the end of the Alaskan stallion! He’s down in Cali now, making waves, and ordering cupcakes.

Johnston was on the outs with the Palin family, just until a month ago, in perfect timing with Bristol Palin’s acting debut on ABC Family show “Life of An American Teenager”-he crawled back to the family apologizing to Mama Sarah for saying “untrue rumors” about the family, and defaming them.


Big pimpin’!!!
Just 2 weeks ago, it was announced that he and Bristol were “engaged” out of nowhere. They reconciled and got engaged. It was so random!

One week ago, a story broke that Johnston is the possible baby daddy to an ex-girlfriend who he slept with months ago. Today, the girl came out and stated that “Levi is not the baby’s father”.

Is he ‘pulling one over’ on the Palins or what!?
While this possible baby daddy charade and engagement rumor has been going on, Johnston has been living it up in West Hollywood, California. Our inside source told us that he’s been hanging out in the West Hollywood gay district (Santa Monica Blvd.), and he’s been shopping his new reality show with producer Canaan Rubin, who also shopped a reality show for Jon Gosselin.

Our inside source said that Johnston and Rubin stopped into gay WeHo cake shop “Cake and Art” on Thursday, and hung out there for about a half an hour. “They were in there picking out cupcakes for Levi’s friend, and Levi was on the computer picking out what picture he wanted for the cupcakes. He ‘Googled’ himself-”Levi Johnston Playgirl”, and wanted to use his “Playgirl” picture to put on the cupcakes!” Said our insider. He continued, “The gays love him. I mean he did Playgirl and he’s such a cute ‘boy next door’. He’s been seen around in WeHo since sometime in June, so I guess he’s still trying to shop his show-but he’s hanging out and making a lot of friends too-he’s really nice.”

Our source said Johnston went back in the cake shop on Saturday, and picked up the cupcakes. Our source said, “I saw him touring the shop and I think he was taking pictures-they have a “wall of celebrities” so they probably took his picture for that.”

Yeah, sounds like Levi is REALLY serious about marriage. HA! Maybe he’ll discover his true self in West Hollywood, and walk on outta the closet! One night at “Rage” in WeHo could change his life forever! Watch out Levi, make sure you wear your chastity belt!