Kim Kardashian Selling $50 T-Shirts on Ebay

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Kim Kardashian’s stint on Dancing With The Stars may be long over but that doesn’t mean the chance to make a buck is! Kim is hawking T-Shirts circa- when she was actually on the show that read “Vote For Kim” al la Napoleon Dynamite’s Vote for Pedro.

With a whopping 10% going to charity I guess it’s all good in the capitalistic world as the ever industrious Kardashians keep thinking of ingenious ways to get people to buy worthless crap they simply don’t need.\


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What? you actually want one? sure thing! Just head over to Kim’s Closet.

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  • There are no words to dsceribe how bodacious this is.

  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    Oh, I must have been a grumpy moose when I typed that! Okay, maybe this is better. The back of the Tshirt could say $25 per buttock? That does add up to fifty dollars right? :D

  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    I guess I could buy one and keep it in my kayak when I run out of toliet paper for that quick shoreline stop behind that large alder tree but there is plenty of moss but if anyone wants to send me a kim shirt, let me know. I need to check my oil every thousand miles and looks like you would never see the oil on it looking at the color of the shirt! :D