I don’t have to tell you that Twitter is a worldwide sensation, but did you know it is also a sensational money maker for celebs? Celebrities are suggesting products in Tweets to their fans and getting paid big money from those companies to do so.


Kim Kardashian recently tweeted,

Having a gr8 makeup day thx 2 Illumifill Line Filling Luminizer, Luv radiant skin

So nice of Kim to let her 4MILL plus fans know how much she loves this product! Well you can bet your bottom dollar that Kim is getting paid big dollars to tweet that kudus to Illumifill.

Lindsay lohan may have her Twitter on ice since her recent jail stay, however, before she entered the clink, Lohan had plenty of nice things to say about FashionBay.com:

If you haven’t checked out FashionBay yet, you gotta do it!! It’s super awesome!!

Lindsay thinks it’s “super awesome” and she is also making awesome dough to promote it.

And it’s not just products like makeup and clothing the stars are hawking, it’s also music. As Nicole Richie recently tweeted, no doubt for a paid promotion:

The Nightmare Begins! Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare is out (on iTunes) now GET IT GET IT!!

Must be nice to make so much money in 144 words or less.