Bow Wow Disrespects Snoop Dogg in New Video

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Wow, I did not know Bow Wow could be such a lil’ barker! Here is his latest YouTube release called “Regret.” In the song Bow Wow raps, “Why the F&*k my best friend have to steal from me” then shows a picture of Snoop! Bow Wow Bang! a public bitch slap to Snoop! Then in a bitch move of his own, Bow Wow adds a annotation, saying, “Didn’t mean to put Snoop’s pic during this part of the song, I’m not talking about him.” Yeh right!

You watch and be the judge!


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Personally, I would not be messing with the great Snoop Double G! What is LIL Bow Wow Thinking?

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  • bowwow’s qirl

    he made a F#%Kin’ MISTAKE whn he put snoop dogg picture,damn !!! go look on youtube he says it was a mistake.FAGGOTS >:(

  • zacara

    bowwow this wife zacaraiwentyoubackinmylifebecaueiamfeelyouiwillneedyouback

  • KC-4:20

    i ain’t mad at ya bow weezy,F#%K snoop dog’s non rapping ass.the song on the radio “do anybody rep anymore”is pure garbage.he tried to say my track “fresh like me” and loose booty” wasn’t ready for him to listen to or radio hating on ya boi,hip-hop is dying cause of washed up rappers like snoop,don’t want to let nobody else in the game.he was the s**t on the chronic,then fell off.he can’t touch me.i’ll put my new music up against his and dog him.ya’ll need to check out YABOIKC4:20 @ and decide if kc drop heat,and snoop is a hater….just like MARIAH CAREY & RHIANNA, have a song calleed “MY EX IS A HATER” for them haters too.WHAT MAKES KC BETTER THAN SNOOP IS HE DONE ALL MYSPACE TRACKS ON THERE WITH NEIGHBORHOOD RAPPERS IN A HOUSE STUDIO WITH NO SUPPORT LIKE SNOOP.LISTEN,AND JUST THINK WHAT KC-4:20 WOULD BE BLOWING UP LIKE IF HE HAD SNOOPS RESOURCES.SKINNY AIDS PATIENT STRESS SMOKING HATER.”STEP YA GAME UP”!!!!