Sad news today as we learn that director John Hughes, whose films included The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and many, many more has passed away. He was only 59.

Hughes suffered a heart attack while visiting family in New York and died earlier today, a spokeswoman said.  No official statement has been released by his family just yet.


There are so many memorable characters and stories from John Hughes that it’s sad to see him go.  When I think of his films, I think of a smiling John Candy or a young Molly Ringwald or, of course, the group from The Breakfast Club.  Not only did he direct several classics, he also produced many films that are ingrained into our cultural DNA.  I think he set the standard when it came to coming-of-age stories.  Even though he was much older than his subjects, he understand the simple troubles and issues that young people faced and portrayed them honestly.

He will be missed.