Raven Symone Gives Birth?

Brandon - July 8, 2009



The lovely Raven Symone!  Did she? Didn’t She? Disney kids are growing up so quick! Raven was great in Dr. Doolittle with Eddie Murphy.  I was so surprised to learn that Ms. Symone might now be a first time mother.

Rumors are flying around the web (most notably here) that Raven gave birth to this little bundle of joy:


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Ravens Baby

Raven's Baby

Awwww, she’s pretty cute huh?  No one is officially saying anything but I’m sure Raven will talk about her new child whenever she’s ready.  She’s a full-grown adult capable of making her own decisions and might want to wait before opening up about her personal life.  Regardless, this news should be taken with a little grain of salt.

Apparently, the father is a Mr. Jussie Smollet, who I know absolutely nothing about.  Word is that the couple is no longer together, which may be one reason for Raven’s decision to keep things private.  Whatever their status is, they sure did make a cute baby.

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  • dylethat

    I think raven baby is pretty because she look like her mom, and raven am so proud of you that a beauful baby you have. HAVE A BLESS DAY GURL.

  • aureleon

    They grow up fast!

  • Sharon

    Gosh everyone knows who Raven is….cute baby….we don’t need to worry since she has more money than all the ppl who is about to trash her and “most important” she is sane. Have a good day. byeee

  • Softwear

    Do people really not know that this person was Denise’s step-daughter on the Cosby show?? Come on! Also, if you ever don’t know who a celebrity is, in the age of google, wikipedia, and bing there is really no reason to plague the rest of us with your ignorance. It’s annoying.

  • Honeydew

    to those who do not know who Raven is… she was on the Cosby show when she was 3 or 4 years old, and has been on TV since that show ended. She is a recording artist and entrepreneur also.

  • good looking kid! good looking post! :D

  • mark

    even , if, she,, is or was. look, at the child, some want mor some want, none, but yes you are right, same with my son,. my , wife, said , m mmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy water broke, im like what,,,,, well i and she, have a healthy 6 year old son,,,, which we will not trade for anything so lets hear it for the kids……

  • c

    if she is preggers she could be on “I didn’t know I was pregnant” becaause she didn’t know. She didn’t look it.

  • Just me

    I have to agree, that is one beautiful baby! Perhaps the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

  • lushespinky

    I don’t think she is pregnant I mean I checked and she has been on tour this whole time so I think we would of noticed if she was pregnant!!