driving miss daisy 425 copy Driving Miss Meyer   Morgan Freeman Sued By the Other Woman

70 Plus year-old Morgan Freeman is still a major player. When Freeman isn’t winning Oscars for movies like “Million Dollar Baby” and co-starring in top box-office flicks like “Dark Knight” he’s crashing cars with random women.


The woman, Demaris Meyer was rolling with Freeman last August on a Mississippi Highway when the car itself rolled, several times, seriously injuring Meyer and Freeman. Meyer maintains Freeman was simply taking her to one of his 3 crash-pads (on the same property no less) after Freeman offered to let her crash out.

Meyer is suing Freeman after hinting she would do so back in February, claiming Freeman was drinking and therefore negligent. Meyer wants mucho moolah for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, permanent disability and property damage.  Now Freeman has responded. Freeman’s lawyer said the suit was, “just a car wreck case and that’s it,” and “The filing “would show (Meyer) is comparatively negligent.”Freeman was never charged in the crash.