conrad 206x300 Lauren Conrads New Book is Umm...

An excerpt from Lauren Conrad’s new book, LA Candy, has hit the Teen Vogue website. I don’t think reality has hit Conrad yet, and she hasn’t realized that once this season of The Hills are over…so is her career.


What person writes a book about being a character in a reality show? Lauren Conrad does. Check out this stupid excerpt:

“They had intercepted her in the parking lot, miked her, and filmed her getting out of her car and walking to the lobby of the building. Five times. Now they were setting up in the front waiting area of Fiona Chen Events, filming her ‘arriving to work.’”

Is Conrad expecting sympathy from us? We’re the ones who were tortured with the stupid Hills anyway! I’m not sure if she knows this or not, but everyone already knew that people don’t walk into their apartments with cameras already in their home. I’m not going to waste my time buying this book and I hope you don’t either.