Nicole has been rather quiet about her marriage and eventual divorce with Tom Cruise. I’ve probably only seen her speak about him in an interview 2-3 times. I don’t ever see them with their kids at ALL..which is a weird mystery when it comes to their continuing relationship with their children who seem to spend 100% of their time with Tom and Katie. She recently spoke to Easy Living Magazine and guess what- She still isn’t really talking. I’m waiting for some big ass reveal about how Tom liked to eat raccoons and took a nap hanging upside down from the ceiling.

‘I felt I became a star only by association,’ she complained to Easy Living magazine. ‘We would go to the Oscars and I would think, “I’m here to support him.” I felt it was my job to put on a beautiful dress and be seen and not heard.’


Meanwhile, Nic calls new husband Keith Urban her ‘greater love’, although it appears her greatest love is reserved for her daughter.

However, the Moulin Rouge actress hasn’t totally lose her sense of humour, speaking about her adopted children, she quips: ‘Bella is very maternal. Connor would like one of us to have a boy. [Pauses.] Katie…? [Laughs].’