Celebrity Apprentice: Receptionist Revealed!

Megan Sullivan - April 7, 2009

The internet has been abuzz with curiosity concering the identity of Trump’s newly appointed receptionist. The young Brooke Shields look alike seems to have appeared out of nowhere.The "Celebrity Receptionist" Amanda Miller In reality she is a former sorority chick from a little ole State University in a little Ole State called Rhode Island. She majored in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design and was hired as the VP of Sales & Marketing in the Trump Organization right out of college. Here’s her facebook pic ( her profile is private). The Donald sure does love his young blonde bimbos..I mean really intelligent women who get the job solely based on their qualifications : )

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  • Mark Andrew Henderson

    Amanda miller.

  • Wait I found another article that says she is in Marketing. I have no idea. I give up. lol

  • VL

    If she was hired as a VP, what was she doing as a receptionist? Her job as a VP was not busy enough? Or did Mr. Trump not pay his VP’s enough, they have to take up other part time jobs in the organization to pay their bills???

  • PL

    bimbo? how do you know? and little ole?

  • Bob

    I know her. She’s not a bimbo, but to be hired as a VP right out of college? No, she’s clearly not qualified by real world standards. Trump standards, of course.

  • jason

    Does anyone know her last name? :)

  • lan

    i can just rest assure that whoever Amanda is, shes hotttt. trumps one of the smarter people on this earth.
    I don’t even think she looks like a dumb bimbo at all. If you really look at her pic, shes so the beautiful golfer type of girl.. Classy hott blonde. and you are SO right! she is a brooke sheilds look a like. so hott
    love the new celeb apprentice and his secretary!! hah and i miss dennis rod

  • I agree whole heartedly..I am living proof of that ; ). My apologies as my intent was not to diminish her intelligence, only to highlight the predictable nature of which she was “casted” and the fact that i’m sure the “pretty face” didn’t hurt during the interview process. I doubt the harvard grad with the hook nose stood a chance for the TV spot. Also, I wouldn’t bost too much much success if I were Trump, this article highlights some of his recent business failures:
    True he has been very successful and his bankruptcy can be partly attributed to the condition of our economy. Still, I would not praise him as the allah of intelligent business..he’s doing a bit better than me though..
    You can’t doubt his superficiality though..look at his wife..i’m sure she’s holding an active MENSA card and he married her because she cooks great lasagna and has a vast knowledge of classical literature…oh yeah and she has a tight ass too.
    Thanks for your comments..all the best to Ms. Miller sincerely. I am merely a beacon for entertainment.

  • jshaw13

    Did I say Million? I meant billion.

  • jshaw13

    Well, this is coming from a very good source: I can assure you the ‘blonde bimbo’ stereotype doesn’t fit here. Sadly, we just have to bow down to the fact that some people really are smart and beautiful. Surely Trump can’t maintain a million dollar company using a facade of pretty faces.