Grumpy Cat Gets Own Agent Scores 5 Figure Contract With Friskies

THECOUNT.COM "News You Can Count On!" - March 8, 2013


What a way to start the day! I wake up to find out that “grumpy cat” makes more money than me… Not only that, the feline sensation also has his own manager and a contract with Friskies brand cat food. A few other things I don’t have…



Jennifer Lawrence 'Take That Bullies, I'm Famous Now!'

tommy lee jones grumpy meme

Grumpy get to fly 1st class, stay at 5-star hotels, eat endless filet mignon and always gets her own king-sized bed. All that and a 5-figure paychecks. Ouch. tmz.

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Jennifer Lawrence 'Take That Bullies, I'm Famous Now!'
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