Human Barbie Doll

Carey - April 22, 2012


(Following text is from the youtube video below) Have you heard of Valeria Lukyanova? She is 21 years old and from the Ukraine. Valeria describes herself as the most famous woman on the Russian-language internet.
human barbie 1 Human Barbie Doll

It’s easy to see why. Valeria’s Barbie doll looks have made her the focus of much online interest. Her proportions are exaggerated by her super-sized boobs relative to her thin waist.


Others say Valeria’s face looks made of plastic. She looks like a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Some people say her self-portraits look photoshopped. Valeria is beginning to find fans in France and elsewhere in Europe.

human barbie 2 Human Barbie Doll

On her blog, Valeria talks about the music she makes. She’s also into astroplaning.

human barbie3 Human Barbie Doll

What do you think? Are Valeria’s Barbie doll looks too artificial to be considered beautiful?

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  • maxilla


  • maxilla

    very pretty.. she cares about herself she does have character , seems this steven katz knows that this beauty would not give him the time of day.. she rocks hey maxwell lets get together

  • Guest

    so hot

  • Satchwood