Cardi B Unveils New ‘Six Pack Abs’ But Some Are Crying Fake!

LAS VEGAS, NV. (THECOUNT) — Cardi B showed off her brand new abs on the Billboard Awards red carpet on Wednesday night in Las Vegas. And while many of her fans liked her new toned look, others suggested that the singer’s new fit look is actually the craftsmanship of some very talented Beverly Hills doctors.

According to Vogue, “Cardi kept things simple in the hair and makeup department, letting all the attention land on her midsection. She arrived in a yellow two-piece Moschino ensemble and, with her waist-grazing lengths.”

But, some are accusing Cardi of getting a new surgical procedure called “abdominal etching”. In that procedure, a surgeon liposuctions the stomach and leaves a few fat deposits, so that the patient appears to have a six pack, reports MTO.

The new procedure, which could be considered an alternative to traditional liposuction, is explained in a new paper published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and it describes how surgeons have made it possible to reshape belly fat into a much more eye-catching midsection.

Cardi’s no stranger to plastic surgery. She’s publicly admitted to having butt implants and she admitted to having her breasts redone after Kulture was born. And while Cardi denied having lipo three months after Kulture was born, she never disclosed whether she subsequently had the procedure.

FINE OR FAIL? Mother Daughter Spend BIG BUCKS To Resemble Katie Price

A British mom and daughter, Georgia Clarke and Kayla Morris, spent a staggering $86,000 on a pair of plastic surgery procedures to look like their idol, English television personality and model Katie Price.

Morris, 20, who has been a “dancer” since the age 17, reveals just how she and her mother were able to afford all the surgery.

Georgia Clarke Kayla Morris katie price 5

“I met a sugar daddy and he gives me a set amount each week,” Kayla explained of how they’re able to afford almost $100,000 worth of procedures. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Look-Alike Tobias Strebel FOUND DEAD

Tobias Strebel, the 33-year-old man who paid big bucks to plastic surgeons to resemble singer, Justin Bieber, has been found dead in a San Fernando Valley motel room.

Strebel has been reported missing by concerned friends last week.

bieber plastic surgery 2

The 35-year-old was found dead on Aug. 21 at a Motel 6. Strebel, who also goes by Toby Sheldon, appeared on reality series “Botched” Continue reading

Man Who Had Plastic Surgery To Look Like Justin Bieber GOES MISSING

A Hollywood man, best known for having had plastic surgery in an attempt to resemble singer Justin Bieber, has disappeared.

Tobias Strebel, 35, went missing in Hollywood prompting worried friends to contact police. He left no note or notice of any kind leading up to his disappearance.

bieber plastic surgery 2

Strebel was last seen on Tuesday in the 1700 block of Orange Grove Avenue, near West Hollywood, said Officer Mike Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department. Continue reading

Kylie Jenner Totally Had Breast Augmentation

What a difference a trip to the plastic surgeon makes! Kylie Jenner pictured before and after possible plastic surgery.

If Jenner, 17, is simply wearing one of those padded numbers, it is one of the most padded numbers we have ever laid our eyes on!

kylie jennerbreast implants

What do you think? Did Kylie get plastic surgery or did she stuff a sock in it?

Click photos to expand.

Continue reading

REPORT: Kate Middleton Secret Plastic Surgery REVEALED?

Kate Middleton has informed the commoners that she plans on taking a longer than usual maternity leave after she gives birth, but reports say the Duchess is really taking the time off to get plastic surgery, in the form of a tummy tuck.

The surgery of choice among the elite, Kate will undergo the procedure in an effort to bounce back into bikini shape after her royal egg hath hatched.

kate middleton plastic surgery

Despite the plastic surgery rumors, Kate stays very active in her everyday like, (if you can call anything she does “everyday,”) working out and taking a few daily jogs around the block. Continue reading

Trans Had Concrete Injected In Face In Botched Plastic Surgery

Transgender Rajee tells Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif about the time she had concrete pumped into her face.

Rajee told the doctors her plastic surgery woes on series Botched, saying that her previous plastic surgery has taken a huge toll on her. When Dr. Dubrow asked what the ghetto surgeon injected into her face, she replied, “Concrete, cement.”

Rajee botched 3

She confesses to the doctors, “I’m a transgender person and usually when you’re transitioning Continue reading

Tara Reid Shockingly Skinny Frame Sparks Concern

Sharknado actress, Tara Reid was spotted looking frail and worryingly skinny Friday as she posed in a bikini.

Reid, 39, alarmed fans and onlookers alike while sunbathing in Miami Beach showing off an exceedingly bony rib cage and large grand canyon gap between her thighs.

tara reid skinny

The shots clearly showed Tara’s tiny frame, which has previously sparked concern among fans. Continue reading

Human KEN DOLL Spent HOW MUCH On Plastic Surgery?

A UK man, Rodrigo Alves, has had over 30 plastic surgery procedures, all in an effort to resemble Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.

Rodrigo, 28, is a self-proclaimed “perfectionist” that has spent a whopping $250,000 plus in his quest to become a human version of Ken doll.

Rodrigo Alves ken doll

“I just wanted to be a better person and I truly am #happy Continue reading