A British mom and daughter, Georgia Clarke and Kayla Morris, spent a staggering $86,000 on a pair of plastic surgery procedures to look like their idol, English television personality and model Katie Price.

Morris, 20, who has been a “dancer” since the age 17, reveals just how she and her mother were able to afford all the surgery.


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“I met a sugar daddy and he gives me a set amount each week,” Kayla explained of how they’re able to afford almost $100,000 worth of procedures. “We’re really close. We do everything together,” Morris added of her mother, 38, who has supported her desire to get breast implants since she was 11. “I was glad [she wanted to get plastic surgery] because I wanted her to be like that kind of person,” Clarke said. She’s also thankful that her daughter is willing to help her pay for her own work. “I don’t mind Kayla having a sugar daddy or dancing to pay for plastic surgery because we’re living the dream…we’re happy,” her mom adds. “I’m lucky to have a daughter like Kayla…that pays for my surgeries…I’m so proud of her.” h/t usmagazine

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