Jill Scott: One Of Those Pictures Is REAL! The OTHERS Are Fake!

Grammy award winner Jill Scott is officially a victim of a massive celebrity phone leak.

Scott is in good company, pictures were also released of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and many, many more.

Jill Scott

Two photos, allegedly of Scott, began making the rounds on Twitter Wednesday night, and the Grammy winner is wasting no time setting the record straight on the authenticity of the images. Continue reading

McKayla Maroney: I’m Underage In Those Photos That Are Not Of Me

McKayla Maroney, now 18, was one of the victims of a massive celebrity photo leak and though she said, at first, the photos in question were faked, her lawyers are telling a different story.

The Olympic gold medalist is taking legal action, so maybe they are not so fake after all.


McKayla tweeted on Sept. 1 that the images released of her are fake, but her lawyers have sent letters to websites to demand that the alleged photos be removed. Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Victoria Justice photos leak in a shocking nsfw scandal. The stars react to the alleged photos… One of McKayla’s lawyers sent a letter to website Porn.com to tell the site “McKayla was underage in several of the photos,” according to TMZ. TMZ also claims that another of attorney of McKayla’s sent letters to numerous websites to explain that McKayla owns the photos that were hacked. source

It’s important to note that McKayla has NOT confirmed that the leaked photos are of her, per a tweet she released the other day.

McKayla Maroney photo scandal


Hollywood and the entire internet is reeling after a massive celebrity photo leak hit and almost crashed the web.

The following is a list of celebs who were compromised, (all of them female,) and this is just so far.. There is reportedly more on the way..


The victims: Kate Upton, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Hope Solo, Krysten Ritter, Yvonne Strahovski, and Teresa Palmer. Continue reading