The social media accounts for Sony‘s bad luck movie, The Interview, have been deleted amid the film’s cancellation earlier in the week. It’s as if the film never existed..

The hackers must have some serious dirt on the movie company as Sony made the decision to completely remove the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

James Franco the interview

Before the Facebook account was deleted, the movie had more than 366,000 followers, while the film’s Twitter page (@TheInterview) had 35,100 followers. Continue reading

Texas Theater To Play TEAM AMERICA To Replace THE INTERVIEW

As Sony‘s release of the North Korea–mocking comedy The Interview has been nixed from every major theater in America, one Texas movie house thinks they have a workaround..

Instead of playing the controversial flick, the theater will play puppeteering marvel, Team America: World Police.

Kim Jong il Team America the interview 2

After Sony canceled the release of the North Korea assassination comedy The Interview, a Texas theater said it would swap the film with Paramount’s 2004 film Team America: World Police for one free screening. Continue reading