Video: Lisa Mason Lee “ThecounT” Collabs with YouTube Star Jared Dawson “CoolGuyWithGlasses”

LisaMasonLee JeridDawson 500x281 Video: Lisa Mason Lee ThecounT Collabs with YouTube Star Jerid Dawson CoolGuyWithGlasses

I had a fabulous time filming this video with Jerid Dawson! He is such a nice guy, and he was so funny, I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while!

This video spoof of “MTV’s Meet Yo Hero”, is about Lisa, who plays a superfan that’s obsessed with famous rapper “Young Baby Bird Bath”, who is played by Jerid Dawson. Lisa meets YBBB for the first time, and the two spend the day together in Hollywood. Their adventure takes place on Hollywood Blvd., at the Magic Castle Hotel and at Bronson Park (original Batman TV show filmed there!).

Special thanks to: Jerid Dawson “CoolGuyWithGlasses”, Darren Ross, Magic Castle Hotel, Magic Castle Staff, Paul S. at “Everything’s $10″ on Hollywood Blvd., and Everything’s $10 Staff for their acting and help!

Reality TV Convention Happening Next Year!

Oohh! This should be fun! A convention full of reality TV stars, reality TV hosts and producers from various reality TV shows.

“Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter owner e5 Global Media announced Thursday it was producing the first-ever Reality Rocks Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center next April. It’s stated to be “the ultimate reality TV fan experience,” the three-day event will celebrate all forms of non-scripted TV.”

“Organizers of the expo said fans will be able to interact with contestants, judges, hosts and other reality TV personalities. The convention will also include autograph sessions, performances and an awards show. The event’s honorary advisory committee includes “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson and “The Biggest Loser” executive producer J.D. Roth.” has all the info for the convention!

I think I’m gonna go…

Actor’s Guide Surviving Hollywood Part 1: Are you cut out for Hollywood?

Actor’s Guide to Surviving in Hollywood is a series of videos dedicated to aspiring actors who want to move to Hollywood and for those already in Hollywood. Actress Lisa Mason Lee shares her personal experiences of 5 years living and surviving in Hollywood. This video ‘Part 1′ is a basic forewarning and formula to decide if you are really cut out for the Hollywood life and lifestyle.


Michael Douglas’ Son Arrested

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas, the son of Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas, was arrested last week in New York on drug charges.  Sources say the 30-year-old was arrested on charges of planning to distribute methamphetamine.  The actor, who has been arrested in 2007 for cocaine charges, was picked up by a drug task force at the Hotel Gansevoort in Manhattan.

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