LisaMasonLee JeridDawson 500x281 Video: Lisa Mason Lee ThecounT Collabs with YouTube Star Jerid Dawson CoolGuyWithGlasses

I had a fabulous time filming this video with Jerid Dawson! He is such a nice guy, and he was so funny, I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while!


This video spoof of “MTV’s Meet Yo Hero”, is about Lisa, who plays a superfan that’s obsessed with famous rapper “Young Baby Bird Bath”, who is played by Jerid Dawson. Lisa meets YBBB for the first time, and the two spend the day together in Hollywood. Their adventure takes place on Hollywood Blvd., at the Magic Castle Hotel and at Bronson Park (original Batman TV show filmed there!).

Special thanks to: Jerid Dawson “CoolGuyWithGlasses”, Darren Ross, Magic Castle Hotel, Magic Castle Staff, Paul S. at “Everything’s $10″ on Hollywood Blvd., and Everything’s $10 Staff for their acting and help!