I just have to tell you guys how fabulous my stay was at Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood, CA!

When I first arrived to the Hotel, I checked in, and I was greeted by a staff member with a lemonade spritzer beverage in a champagne glass! The nice staff lady welcomed me to the Hotel and said if I needed anything, to not hesitate to ask! I was also given a magical card with a huge list of 50-something, unlimited FREE snacks and beverages I could get 24-7 during my stay-and they weren’t kidding!The Magic Castle Hotel is a one-of-a-kind Hotel. I have been to Hotels in almost every state in the U.S., and nothing compares to the wonderful amenities the Magic Castle Hotel has to offer. If you are planning a trip to Hollywood, then you have got to read my review of this Hotel…


When I went into my room, I found a card specially made out to me with my name on it, welcoming me to the Hotel. There was a complimentary bottle of wine, chocolate covered cherries, tortilla chips, salsa, Figi water and of course coffee! As I looked around more, I found a couple plush Turkish cotton robes for after bathing, great Tarocco toiletries (which included soaps, shower cap, shampoo, conditioner, mouth wash), a blow-dryer and plenty of cups and towels.When I went to get my baggage, I first parked in the Hotel’s secure and gated parking garage, I was then helped by 2 nice staff members, and they took my bags up to my room. When I got into my room, I was floored by how big it was, and just how great the view was on my balcony! You can throw a stone and hit the Hollywood Walk-of-Fame! The Hotel is set just up on a hill (the bottom of the Hollywood Hills!) on Franklin Avenue, so it’s a killer view of central Hollywood.

I stayed in a “one bedroom suite” which has a living room, a full kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom with a huge mirrored sliding closet door, and the bedroom even had a door you can close for privacy. Inside the bedroom, there is a cable TV, an iPod radio/alarm clock, 2 lamps and an overhead light, an awesome window that completely slides open and it also has shutters to block the sun if you want. The bed is so comfortable and has a feather comforter and pillows. The closet has plenty of hangers, a safe for valuables, and, there is an iron in the closet. Oh, and for you light sleepers-the bedroom is quiet!

I have to say, the big fridge came in handy for my leftovers, and the microwave was there for my popcorn. The sink and the dish soap was great to have too since I do like to clean!The living room is so fun because you can see what’s going on in Hollywood just by looking out the window. I work on the computer and Internet, so the FREE wi-fi is GREAT. The couch and chairs in the suite are great to chill on, and also, nice to sit on while working on my computer. The living room flat-screen TV, FREE HBO and FREE cable is awesome, not to mention there is a DVD player with it too.

When I went for the FREE breakfast in the morning, which lasts all morning long, I was stunned at the assortment of croissants, muffins, scones, cereals and granola. What was even more stunning, was the great taste of the pastry assortment! They are from Susina Bakery in Hollywood! You have to get some when you come and stay! The Wolfgang Puck coffee was great, and they had a big variety of flavored syrups, creamers and sweeteners! I am a coffee lover and I was satisfied for sure. They also have a big variety of juices and milks too. You can even take all of your goods on a tray, and up to your room. Loved it!

There were endless surprises that unfolded during my stay. I don’t want to give them all away, but when you do stay at the Magic Castle Hotel, make sure you keep in touch with the staff because they are more than happy to accommodate your questions, needs and well, your big need for unlimited FREE snacks! I had so much fun and such a comfortable stay, they almost had to tell me to leave because I didn’t want to go! Oh, and for all you vloggers-they were really cool with me filming around the hotel for my YouTube show! If you go to the pool, don’t worry about a closing time, because it does NOT close. It’s 24-7! Plus, they have FREE popsicles to cool you down during your sunbathing- just ask the cool staff! They also supply the pool towels. By the pool area, there is also a computer you can use if you don’t bring your own.

Magic Castle Club main site: MAGIC CASTLE CLUB As for going to the Magic Castle Club, which is just next door to the Hotel on the same property, I did not have time to visit. From what I am told, you either have to be a member to get in the Club, or you have to be staying at the Magic Castle Hotel to be allowed access. The Club is a rather formal gathering place, and you have to follow their dress code or no entry. If you do decide to go to the Club, you do have to RSVP ahead of time because there is a special dinner and magic show. Details to get into the Magic Castle Club can be found here:

Magic Castle Hotel main site: MAGIC CASTLE HOTEL