What in the World is Wrong With Randy Quaid?

Randy Quaid has appeared in some of my favorite movies and chances are some of yours too. So news of his latest run-in with the law has me asking, “What in the world is wrong with Randy Quaid?”

Quaid and his wife were arrested for felony burglary for squatting in a Santa Barbara County home they no longer owned. A realtor was showing the house and found Quaid and his wife living in it, without consent from the owner. Reports say the place was a total wreck, dirty dishes, laundry everywhere and a $7,000 mirror had been smashed and replaced with pictures of the couple.


Cops say the alarm codes had been changed and security cameras had been tampered with, adjusted to face upward. Randy Quaid and his wife’s initials were carved into the mailbox.

The formal charges include residential burglary, entering a noncommercial building without consent and Evi Quaid was also charged with resisting arrest.

It was only last year that the Quaids got nabbed on charges they tried to defraud an innkeeper out of $10k, that case yielded the Quaids 3 years probation.