Trump Invites Random Woman On Stage To Finally Prove THE HAIR IS REAL

After being referred to by a Spanish radio host as, “El hombre del peluquín,” translated, “the man with the toupee,” Donald Trump, speaking at today’s campaign stop at the TD Convention Center in Greenville Upstate, invited a random woman on stage to inspect the hair and finally put those hair-raising rumors to rest.

Trump, who has adamantly denied wearing any hair support, (with the exception of hair spray,) bowed to the woman for a quick look-see. (See video below.)

woman inspects trump hair Greenville Upstate

“You have to do an inspection because this is getting crazy,” Trump said.  Continue reading

Megyn Kelly Dig: I Got My Husband A TRUMP TIE For His Birthday!

Megyn Kelly, during her first show since Donald Trump called her a “bimbo” on Twitter, snuck in a little dig of the Donald at the conclusion of her anchoring duties, saying she had bought her husband a Trump tie for his birthday.

Kelly kicked off her show with fair and balanced highlights from Trump’s big Iowa presser tonight that was highlighted by the tossing of Univision’s Jorge Ramos. But at the very end of her show, Kelly gave a special shoutout to her husband Douglas Brunt on his birthday saying sarcastically, “I bought him a Donald Trump tie!”



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Donald Trump Intern Accidentally Tweets Photo Of NAZI SOLDIERS In America Flag

A Donald Trump intern is going to have some explaining to do after tweeting a photo of an American flag with Nazi soldiers inset. The tweet has since been deleted.

The hashtag read, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, below was an image of the American flag, the stars and stripes overlaid over a portrait of cash, the White House, SS soldiers and Trump.

donald trump nazi soldiers america flag 2

The photo of the soldiers ended up coming from a stock photo for sale online. Click photos to enlarge.

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Donald Trump Calls In F.B.I. Over EL CHAPO DEATH THREATS

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has contacted the F.B.I. to help investigate death threats made by a man claiming to be the son of escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

The investigation is over a tweet reportedly directed at the billionaire by El Chapo’s son, in which he attacks Trump for commenting his dad is “everything that’s wrong with Mexico.”

donald trump Univision

The tweet was written in Spanish, with the rough English translation, “Keep f***ing around and I’m gonna make you swallow your bitch words you f***ing whitey milks***tter (that’s a homophobic slur).” h/t tmz

Trump told TMZ, “I’m fighting for much more than myself. I’m fighting for the future of our country which is being overrun by criminals.” He adds, “You can’t be intimidated. It’s too important.”

NBC CUTS TIES With Donald Trump Over Mexican Comments

Donald Trump is looking for a new network after NBC announced they intend to officially sever ties with the popular billionaire.

A petition demanding NBC fire The Donald has garnered more than 200,000 signatures. NBC released the following statement:


“At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values,” the network said. Continue reading

Spanish Teacher Booted For Calling Student ‘Negro’

A Spanish teacher got her butt fired after being accused of using “racist words in class.” The junior-high school teacher has filed a lawsuit contesting the allegations saying that she was fired from P.S. 211 in the Bronx in March 2012 because of a misunderstanding over the word “negro,” in other words, lost in translation.. Did I mention the teacher is also black?
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Shakira On The Joy and Pain Of Pregnancy

Look out! She’s ready to blow! Super pregnant Shakira showing off her humungous baby bump! Maybe a little gas pain? OY!

0116-shakira-pregnant-ramey-3 (1)

The 35-year-old Colombian beauty flashed her covered-up bulging belly while out on the streets of Barcelona on Monday … and then followed it up by tweeting a sexy pic of herself wearing a bikini top alongside her hunky shirtless Spanish baby daddy, Gerard Piquetmz