Kelly Rowland: Beyonce’s MOM Made Me WAIT To Get Plastic Surgery

Destiny’s Child‘s, Kelly Rowland, dramatically upgraded, while revealing, her plastic surgery has been on her list of “things to do,” since the tender age of 18. The wait is over.

Rowland, 32, told Shape magazine, Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, (as well as her own mother,) demanded she wait a decade before going under the elective knife. 

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Britney Spears AMAZING Bikini Body Trasformation!

Britney spears 2013 bikini. I just wrote a story about Britney Spears being Photoshopped on the cover of Shape Magazine, but now after seeing these candid bikini shots, I’m NOT so sure! She looks freaking amazing! She looks firm in all the right places and a little jiggly in others.. But a good jiggly! Honestly, I did not see this coming. I’ll say it again, I am kind of flabbergasted! I mean, dare I say that she even may look a little sexy? Mother? Wow..

Way to go Britney! I’m so proud of you!britney-bikini2

Did I say I was flabbergasted? And maybe a little horny..


This old fat picture of Britney was posted only as a point of reference.. Good job Britney.