Joan Rivers Final Wish Comes True: A-List Funeral

Joan Rivers once wrote to her daughter: “When I die (and, yes, Melissa, that day will come; and, yes, Melissa, everything’s in your name), I want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action….I want Craft services, I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene!

It looks like Joan’s final wish has come true as a plethora of a-list-ish stars are at this moment attending her service.

joan rivers red carpet

Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Osbourne, Barbara Walters and Kathy Griffin were among Continue reading

Kristen Stewart Wins! Top 10 Actress…

Kristen Stewart! You win! You’re number 1! Number 1 least sexy Hollywood actress! According to British men! So why aren’t you excited? OH! It says “least!” Ouch sorry!

Kristen Stewart at premiere-07-560x639

Stewart topped a poll of British men’s least sexy actresses, a list where the participants would rather do Sarah Jessica Parker and Lindsay Lohan over the Twilight star.

Other actresses mentioned in the poll are The OC star Mischa Barton, and a famous belated Kirsten Dunst.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen’s bad rank may have had something to do with the actress disrespecting BF Robert Pattinson by having a fling with married Snow White director Rupert Sanders.

The poll comes just ahead of the Oscars, which are being held in Hollywood this weekend.

A spokesman for the poll said, “Our Oscars poll has been a fascinating insight into the minds of British men – it’s shown that sexiness is far more than appearance, they were turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don’t want to see unhealthily skinny starlets on the big screen.”Kristen Stewart - 2012 Comic Con-08-560x840

Top 10 least sexy Hollywood actresses:

1. Kristen Stewart

2. Sarah Jessica Parker

3. Lindsay Lohan

4. Denise Richards

5. Kirsten Dunst

6. Mischa Barton

7. Hilary Swank

8. Lucy Liu

9. Tilda Swinton

10. Uma Thurman


Top 5 Photoshop Hack Jobs 2013

Welcome to the top 5 photoshop fails! And it’s only February! Here we find a plastic looking Gwyneth Paltrow coming in at #5.

gwyneth_paltrow_instyle photoshop

The first of two J-Crew ads, #4 features mystery missing chucks from the girl’s inner thigh.


Here we find an especially odd looking Sarah Jessica Parker clocking in at #3.

Sarah Jessica Parker has either had a visit to her plastic surgeon or is the victim of an elaborate Photoshop attack. She is wrinkle-free and rather alien-looking on the Chinese cover of Harpers Bazaar

Here’s the other J-Crew ad coming in at #2. So where’s the rest if the horse?

This advertisement for American Apparel appears on the company's website. We have one question where is the rest of the horse

And finally – Jelly roll please, I mean, drum roll … … .. … The #1 photoshop hack job is … … … Christina Aguilera! Looking WAY too skinny!

christina_aguilera_photoshop skinny

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Mel Gibson Crashes His Own Car

Last night, Sunday, Mel Gibson crashed his car on Malibu Canyon Road!

At 8:35 pm, cops arrived at the crash and Gibson was okay, but his 2008 Maserati was stuck on some rocks on a hillside. The reports said they did not suspect that he was under the influence of alcohol. Gibson kept saying to the cops that he didn’t know “how” or “why” he went off the road and crashed into the rocks-it ‘just’ happened.

Gibson hitched a ride with a friend and left the scene, and they towed away his car. No charges were filed.

I’ve driven in the Malibu Canyon before and it’s so dangerous! There are major twists and turns on the pitch-black road, and, if you really mess up by turning too hard, you’ll fly off of the hill “Thelma and Louise” style!

Introducing the Broderick Twins!

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

Twins Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderickwere born last week in Ohio.  As we all know, Sarah Jessica Parker used a surrogate mother for these babies, seeing as she’s 50 and super rich.  A statement released at the time of birth said “the babies are doing beautifully and the entire family is over the moon.” They sure look over the moon here.

This is a pretty great picture.  The whole clan, even son James Wilkie, is together.  They seem to be incredibly happy for their new children.  Good for them.  I will say that Matthew’s hair looks very seventies to me, though.  Maybe he’s doing it for a film?  Either way, I like it.  It makes my Luke Skywalker hairstyle look fashionable.

Another Reason Why Kim Kardashian Is A Total Idiot

kim4 Another Reason Why Kim Kardashian Is A Total Idiot

Ugh, Kim Kardashian just pisses me off for some reason; I’m trying not to call her a douchebag..oops! too late. She realized she wasn’t getting enough attention, so she took to her official blog about some the dumbest news in history…she has a sunburn.

Not only does she have a sunburn, but she wants us to help her. She wrote, “I’m in Mexico and I was sunbathing when I fell asleep with my huge Prada butterfly sunglasses and now look at me. I’m going to have to hide from cameras for days!”

Funny how she made SURE to mention that her glasses were Prada. This dumbass writes she has to “hide from cameras for days,” but then post pictures of her sunburn!! What a complete idiot. She’s soo desperate for attention it doesn’t make any sense. Am I the only one who feels this way??

Sarah Jessica Parker- Snoozefest

I just completely fell asleep for a few minutes. Sarah Jessica Parker has been announcing something with Daniel Craig.

Costume Design is cool but this is bathroom break time. Throw down a few shots!!

The Duchess wins- as usual. A period piece ALWAYS wins costume design because it actually takes some thought!!


She’s doing another one…big surprise Ben Button won best make-up!!