Welcome to the top 5 photoshop fails! And it’s only February! Here we find a plastic looking Gwyneth Paltrow coming in at #5.

gwyneth_paltrow_instyle photoshop


The first of two J-Crew ads, #4 features mystery missing chucks from the girl’s inner thigh.


Here we find an especially odd looking Sarah Jessica Parker clocking in at #3.

Sarah Jessica Parker has either had a visit to her plastic surgeon or is the victim of an elaborate Photoshop attack. She is wrinkle-free and rather alien-looking on the Chinese cover of Harpers Bazaar

Here’s the other J-Crew ad coming in at #2. So where’s the rest if the horse?

This advertisement for American Apparel appears on the company's website. We have one question where is the rest of the horse

And finally – Jelly roll please, I mean, drum roll … … .. … The #1 photoshop hack job is … … … Christina Aguilera! Looking WAY too skinny!

christina_aguilera_photoshop skinny

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