Wolfman’s Got Nards! MONSTER SQUAD May Be Resurrected! BITCHIN!

While Monster Squad may not have been a big box office hit, it was a signature staple of the 80’s. Thanks to the ever popular VHS tape, Monster Squad was able to develop a huge fan base that would solidify this as a totally awesome “cult classic.”

Ahhh I remember it like it was yesterday, roaming the halls of school only to hear words like “bogus” – “band aide breath” – “wolfman’s got nards” and “bitchin’.”

Monster Squad wolfman’s got nards

After watching Monster Squad not only was I a fan but I thought every old man in my neighborhood was “scary German guy” and I checked under my bed for like a year. Yes, I like thousands of other girls thought we were going to lose our virginity to Rudy in the backseat of a car. Continue reading