Taylor Swift Lays Down 17.7 MILLION CASH For New House

This will give you just a small idea about how exactly large Taylor Swift really lives! The country bumpkin just bought a Rhode Island mansion for $17.7 million.. And she paid all of it in CASH.


TMZ: Swift was eyeing the 11k-plus-square-foot mansion for a few weeks now, having toured the place back on April 15.

According to our real estate sources, the asking price on the house (which sits on 5.23 acres) was around $20 mil, but Swift got it for $17.75 mil.

We’re told Swift wired the money over and movers were spotted at the house early this morning.

Maybe Taylor is better at closing the deal than we thought.


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Denver Lawmakers Attempt to BAN Homelessness… Homeless Camping

How sad is this? Denver officials are attempting to ban homelessness! How exactly do you ban being homeless? Very shocking to consider that this city would take such a cold hearted stance especially when so many Americans are down on their luck and otherwise suffering on the financial front.

The Denver City Council chamber was overflowing with folks waiting for a chance to speak about the proposal to ban homeless camping in the city.

If Denver authorities do ban homeless camping, then what? Where do the homeless go? Do they simply disappear as banned? Will they be arrested? for being homeless? Will they then become wards of the court? entrusted to a very broken justice system?

An estimated 100 people were expected to speak at the meeting, with 79 of those signing up to oppose the ordinance and 33 are expected to speak in favor of it.