So What’s Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth?

Wondering exactly how much Floyd Mayweather‘s is worth?

Mayweather is one of the best American boxers out there so you’d expect him to have amassed a mint, and you wouldn’t be wrong..


Floyd Mayweather was born on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. During his career, Floyd has won an unprecedented six boxing championships in five different weight classes: Continue reading

Oliver Martinez, Halle Berry Defender – Father Was Professional Boxer

Looks like good old dad may have taught his son some tricks of the trade at least when it comes to defending himself! After little research I found out that Oliver Martinez, (Halle Berry’s current man and the guy who beat the hell out of Gabriel Aubrey,) his father was a professional boxer! Now this is all starting to make more sense, don’t you agree?

So is it any wonder that Gabriel Aubrey got knocked the hell out? – Wow! What a setup…

Olivier Martinez (born 12 January 1966) is a French film actor. … His father was a Spanish professional boxer born in Spanish Morocco…