Barbara From Shark Tank: Cuban Would Crush Trump

Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank is not slicing or dicing any of her words when it comes down to who she thinks would win in a bid to become the GOP’s chosen candidate.

Leaving a West Hollywood eatery, Barbara told a TMZ photog that Mark Cuban would “crush” Donald Trump if he should decide to enter the race for president.

Barbara Corcoran trump cuban

Mark Cuban already has some impressive backing if he chooses to run for President … his “Shark Tank” co-star Barbara Corcoran. Continue reading

Mark Cuban On Twitter: Fun Place To F**k With People

In a recent interview, Mark Cuban sparked debate over comments he made about racism and acknowledging internal prejudices, in that same interview, he also explained what he likes most about Twitter and whether or not he any plans of getting into politics,

Mark Cuban on Twitter:


Well, I’ve had interesting Twitter battles. Kobe Bryant and amnesty; Continue reading

The Woman Who Dare Wake Up Next To Donald Trump

This is Melana Trump, the woman that wakes up and goes to bed with Donald Trump – every single damn night of her life – or at least I think that’s the way their marriage works, you never know these days they may have separate bedrooms, hey my parents do!
MELANIA TRUMP -01-560x781

Now that I think about it, they would probably have separate houses…

MELANIA TRUMP -04-560x770

You got admit at least Donald knows well enough not to put that self tanner right around his eyeballs!

MELANIA TRUMP -02-560x771


iShock: Mark Cuban: New Windows ‘Crushes’ Apple

Did ex-tech and Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban really just say on Reddit that “Windows is better than Mac?” Apparently when it comes to cellphone operating systems he did, “I have 2 phones. First is Samsung the second was an iPhone 5. The new Nokia with windows replaced my iPhone 5… It crushes the iPhone 5. Not even close…” Said Cuban.


Is it just me or is it kind of shocking to hear anybody famous talking down an Apple product?

Cuban also found time in the ranting Reddit post to come clean on his real feelings about the new MacBook air, “I have a MacBook Air $939.99 at B&H Photo-Video, but am trying the new Acer with Windows 8,” Cuban admitted, “I really, really like Windows 8.”

I guess he “really, really” likes the new Windows products and absolutely LOVES their new phone OS, “I think as far as phones, both Samsung 3 with Android and the Windows phone kick the iPhone’s ass. It’s not even close.”

Bold Cuban.