Check Out This List Of Celebrities Who Own Fast Food Franchises

The fast food industry has long been the strong recommendation of many a celebrity business manager for those who find themselves newly rich, however, as of late, with fast food profits dwindling, what was once billed as a long term investment, (as was the payphone,) is now going the way of the landline.

The following is a short list of celebrities who are fast food franchisees.

kanye kim burger fat burger

Fatburger owner Kanye West

Before Kanye West decided that luxury fashion was his true side passion, he bought 10 Fatburgers in Chicago in 2010 Continue reading

Peyton Manning Has Been A Very Naughty Girl

Meet the other Peyton Manning.. An 18-year-old girl who landed herself in the clink after being busted on drug charges in Tennessee.

peyton manning arrested

Manning was with her boyfriend when the couple was pulled over after cops saw the Manning driving with her high beams on around 11 p.m. Cops then caught a whiff of marijuana as they approached the vehicle and searched the car, turning up two mason jars filled with 44 grams of pot, a digital scale and a pill crusher.. source

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