DRAKE Warns Macy’s Wallgreens ‘Chill Or Cut Me A Check’

Most kids could tell you that Drake‘s song, “The Motto,” recorded with Lil’ Wayne, includes the lyric, “You only live once: that’s the motto, n***a, YOLO,” making it a fair conclusion he coined the term “YOLO,” but that is not stopping Macy’s and Walgreens from selling products displaying his motto without permission.

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‘Dump Trump’ Billboard Circling NYC Macy’s (By Request)

By request, the “Dump Trump” billboard circling New York City’s Macy’s right at the height of the holiday season.

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The online campaign urging Macy’s to Dump Trump is hitting the streets – billboard style.

On Saturday, a mobile billboard attached to a truck began circling Macy’s headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as a nearby department store.

In New York, another mobile billboard began circling the company’s flagship store in Herald Square. The goal? Get Macy’s to cut ties with Donald Trump.

Dump Trump, a petition from the liberal group MoveOn (dot) org, has gained nearly 680,000 signatures since launching last month in a bid to get him fired.

The petition charges Trump with making “sexist” and “racially charged” comments, which organizers say are against Macy’s social responsibility policy.

Case in point: Trump’s election night Twitter tirade, in which he called America a sham democracy after President Obama’s win and urged a march on D.C.

Earlier case in point: Trump’s nonsense about Obama’s birth certificate.

“There is a gap between what Macy’s brand is and what Donald Trump’s brand is,” protest organizer Angelo Carusone tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The billboards feature photos of a classic Santa Claus next to an angry-looking Trump, as well as the words “Bring back the classic Macy’s. Dump Trump.”

The campaign is asking the retailer to stop carrying Trump’s line of clothing and fragrances and to stop using the billionaire real estate mogul in ads.

“Macy’s says they are a cut above the rest. They appeal to everyone’s nostalgia. They inject themselves into our culture and our holidays,” says Carusone.

“We don’t think [Trump] represents the values they espouse.”

Carusone hopes the billboards will make Macy’s and the public see Trump as a liability, not an asset, especially if accompanied by protests at Macy’s events.

If it’s working, the company has yet to admit as much yet.

Macy’s has stood by Trump, saying through a spokesman, “Macy’s marketing and merchandise offerings are not representative of any political position.”

NBC has also indicated it will stick with Trump as it prepares to launch another season of Celebrity Apprentice, which is apparently still on the air, in March.

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JC Penney Now “JCP” – Makes Major Positive Changes

The new and improved Penney stores (now called JCP) do not have coupons or big sales. They have everyday LOW prices now.

They say you don’t have to wait for a sale. I checked out the new “lower” pricing and I was quite surprised to see how much the prices have dropped!  Makes you wonder and think how much of a mark up there really is on clothing, towels, jewelry, etc. Twice a month on a Friday, they lower their everyday low prices. Yea, they do. How about the new return policy? You can’t beat it (just join them)!

Here’s the return policy and I will say you can’t lose if you can’t find your receipt or decide you don’t want something, JCP will take care of you. Are you going to go check out the new pricing?
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