Texas Resident ZIKA POSITIVE After Returning From MIAMI

In the first Zika case in Texas linked to trip within U.S., a Texas resident who recently traveled to Miami has tested positive for Zika.

The El Paso County recently returned from an area of Miami where local transmission by U.S. mosquitoes has occurred. It is also the first Zika case for the county, which has found no other evidence of the virus or local transmission.

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There have been 108 cases of travel-related Zika in Texas, including three pregnant women and one person who had sexual contact with a traveler, health officials said. Continue reading

RING OF FIRE: 7.8 Earthquake Strikes Ecuador

UPDATED: This earthquake has upgraded from a 7.4 to a magnitude 7.8. The quake struck 14km NNW of Pedernales, Ecuador.

No reports of injury or damage has yet been reported.

7.4 Earthquake Strikes Ecuador 2016

Nearby Places
14.0 km (8.7 mi) NNW of Pedernales, Ecuador
44.0 km (27.3 mi) S of Muisne, Ecuador
72.0 km (44.7 mi) WSW of Rosa Zarate, Ecuador
93.0 km (57.8 mi) SSW of Propicia, Ecuador
181.0 km (112.5 mi) WNW of Quito, Ecuador

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DNA: Parents Worst Nightmare Confirmed El Salvador Doctor Switched Baby

Texas couple, Mercedes Casanellas and her husband, Richard Cushworth, left a hospital in El Salvador with what they thought was their baby, but as it turns out, the baby was actually switched with another – on purpose..

Casanellas and Cushworth, both missionaries, were working in Latin America when she gave birth to a baby boy at a private hospital, but before the couple returned to their Dallas, Texas home, Casanellas says she knew something wasn’t right.

mercedes casanellas richard cushworth wrong baby 2

She says the baby she was handed at the hospital looked different from the one she held in the delivery room. Continue reading

CA Bread Caused Hallucinations Contained SYNTHETIC DRUG

Authoritied have opened a criminal investigation over holiday bread that sickened at least 40 people in California. The bread sold under the name Three Kings Day was found to contain a synthetic drug.

The bread was sold by Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana, Ca. People who consumed the bread experienced dizziness, palpitations, numbness and hallucinations.

Three Kings Day SYNTHETIC DRUG 2

The synthetic drug was found in a preliminary investigation of Cholula’s Bakery, which was shut down on Tuesday. Continue reading

American Idol Star ARRESTED After Cops Find 2.9LB Heroin Stuffed In Platform Shoes

22-year-old Latin American Idol Winner Martha “La Baby” Heredia, is being held on drug charges after being arrested while allegedly smuggling heroin in the heels of her platform shoes. PerezHilton.


Police found 2.9 pounds of the drug stuffed in her shoes. A Dominican prosecutor handling the case issued a statement:

“It’s very sad that young people who have so much promise, who were bestowed by life with all the grace in the world and an unquestionable talent, because of ambition, bad advice or simply to obtain money see themselves in situations like this.”

Martha HerediaIn 2010 she killed a Haitian boy with her car and was forced to pay the family over a quarter mil in damages.

Just last month she had her husband arrested for domestic violence and he’s currently in jail.


If convicted the singer could spend up to 10 years in prison.

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4 Killed in Freak Accident As Carnival Float Hits Power Line

Ridiculously sad news and a horrible way to close Carnival in the Brazilian port city of Santos, as a float fire has taken the lives of four parade revelers.

float fire carnival

The float, authorities said, caught fire after it struck a power line during maneuvers following its participation in ongoing Carnival festivities.

The accident, which follows a nightclub fire that killed 239 people in southern Brazil last month, comes at a time when public events and venues are under intense scrutiny because of what critics consider the lax enforcement of safety and fire codes in the country.

float fire

The criticism comes as Brazil, Latin America’s biggest country, prepares to welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors for the World Cup of soccer in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

Late Sunday, the most recent victim of the nightclub tragedy in the southern city of Santa Maria succumbed to injuries, raising the death toll from the January fire to 239.

Santos, the site of the Carnival float fire early Tuesday, is South America’s busiest port. The city is located about 55 miles southeast of São Paulo.

Brazil kicked off its annual Carnival revelry last Friday.

It is most famously celebrated in Rio de Janeiro with festivities including flamboyant floats flanked by small armies of celebrants in flashy costumes. Many other cities also mark the holiday with processions with floats and musicians playing on slow-moving flatbed trucks.

Our thought and prayers go out to the friends and family of the fallen.