Tyga LANDLORD: Pay $90,000 By Saturday Or You’re Out!

Tyga‘s Calabasas landlord has demanded the rapper catch up on paying his rent STAT, or face eviction, newly leaked legal documents reveal. The dwelling has reached a daunting delinquency of over $90,000.

Tyga, 25, who currently lives in the rented Calabasas mansion, (located near his pretend girlfriend, Kylie Jenner,) is amassing a staggering $833.33 in daily legal fees and penalties.

tyga house calabasas 2

Reports say, the monthly rent for the plush party pad is $25,000. Continue reading

Woman Watching TV Learns Home Was Serial Killer Torture Chamber

Catrina McGhaw was excited to sign the lease for her new rental property, that is until she discovered the Ferguson, Mo., house’s previous owner was serial killer Maury Travis.

McGhaw was watching an A&E cold case documentary about serial killers when she learned her new home was used as a deadly torture chamber.

Catrina McGhaw murder-house

“When she showed us the house, she said you can have this table if you want,” McGhaw said. Continue reading


Shocking news coming from Goonieville as Corey Feldman, everyone’s favorite Lost Boy is absolutely flat broke and about to be homeless! The revelation came after Feldman’s landlord filed legal docs claiming the actor owes him a bundle, and when I say bundle, I mean over $10Gs!!! And now the landlord wants the actor out of the house ASAP and he’s also trying to claim damages, which probably means the Valley slum lord is intending to keep Corey’s security deposit..corey feldman

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