Tyga‘s Calabasas landlord has demanded the rapper catch up on paying his rent STAT, or face eviction, newly leaked legal documents reveal. The dwelling has reached a daunting delinquency of over $90,000.

Tyga, 25, who currently lives in the rented Calabasas mansion, (located near his pretend girlfriend, Kylie Jenner,) is amassing a staggering $833.33 in daily legal fees and penalties.


tyga house calabasas 2

Reports say, the monthly rent for the plush party pad is $25,000.

At one point, the Rack City rapper was shacked up with ex girlfriend, Blac Chyna, who’s also listed as a defendant in the eviction documents.

Kylie Jenner recently purchased her first home for a cool $2.7 million mansion – The reality star paid in-full in cash.