Shocking news coming from Goonieville as Corey Feldman, everyone’s favorite Lost Boy is absolutely flat broke and about to be homeless! The revelation came after Feldman’s landlord filed legal docs claiming the actor owes him a bundle, and when I say bundle, I mean over $10Gs!!! And now the landlord wants the actor out of the house ASAP and he’s also trying to claim damages, which probably means the Valley slum lord is intending to keep Corey’s security deposit..corey feldman


TMZ had this to say of the desperate matter..

Corey Feldman is a little behind on rent … $10,220 if you believe his landlord, who has filed legal docs to evict the “Goonies” star.

But according to the docs — obtained by TMZ — Corey says the landlord has made his life a living hell. Feldman claims the San Fernando Valley house has been in foreclosure since he moved in back in March, 2012, and the landlord has been trying to unload it.

Feldman — who lives with his young son — says he was promised peace and quiet, but the landlady has been parading potential buyers onto the property who are literally peering through the windows as he goes about his life.

Feldman says the landlady is so intrusive, it’s as if she’s a co-tenant.

So I take it the electronic cigarette business partnership didn’t go so well?