We Are Responsible for the Fate of Charlie Sheen’s Life

America’s favorite and highest paid TV Actor, smokes cocaine and has sex with multiple (censored) stars at a time, time and time again, so what does this say about you, the viewer of Charlie Sheen’s hit TV show, “Two and a Half Men?” Are you in a way an enabler?Understood, you watch Sheen’s hit TV show because it’s funny, Charlie is funny, however, the man who appears on that TV screen for your entertainment, is sick and basically killing himself and you’re not helping. Why isn’t anyone coming to his rescue? Tuning into Two and a Half Men is not going to rescue Charlie from Charlie.


It’s no mystery that Charlie Sheen has a very serious drug problem, that fact is not even up for debate, so what does this say about the folks who are in charge of handling Charlie’s career? What does it say about his bosses?

Sadly, law enforcement and the people closest to Charlie, the people who could step in to save his life, are doing nothing. Matter of fact, after a series of drug fueled benders, CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler gave Charlie a raise and authorities gave him a free pass.

The mentality of the studio seems obvious: “Get the crap in the can before Sheen crashes and burns.” From a business standpoint, the approach of keeping Sheen’s hit TV show on the air, at all cost, seems to make sense, that is until one starts to examine the ripple effect of Sheen’s personal problems and how those issues send a strong signal to people in the world, and especially America’s youth. The message is like: “Hey kiddies! You CAN do hard drugs and still be successful!”

Charlie has a way of evading the long arm of law enforcement too. He seems to be bulletproof. No matter what he gets caught doing, he emerges from out of the flames- unscathed, only to go back to the flame of his crack pipe. His high priced lawyers keep pushing the right buttons and they keep paying off the right people so Charlie can stay a free man… free to try and kill himself again.

To all the enablers in Charlie’s life (and this includes you, the viewer,) when Charlie finally succeeds at killing himself, it will be you my friend who has his blood on your hands.


Charlie Sheen to CBS: I Want $1.5Mil a Show or I’m Out!

SURPRISE! Charlie Sheen has been unhappy starring on the CBS show Two and a Half Men! He has been unhappy for a long time now, but he’s not unhappy with the pay-well, until now! $800,00 a show isn’t enough! He’s asking for more money to continue to star on the show, but does CBS even have it?

Charlie is currently making over $800,000 a show, but of course Charlie wants more again! CBS offered him $1Mil to stay on the show, but Charlie is demanding $1.5Mil a show!

According to new reports, a friend of Charlie’s is saying that Charlie wants out of the show, and he wants to get back into movies. So is Charlie asking for this ridiculous amount because he knows that CBS won’t be able to hack up $1.5Mil a show? Is this his way of bailing out of the show? Would CBS really give him over $1.5Mil a show!? I kind of hope CBS just says: ‘NO CHARLIE!-we have other crap to pay for that’s more important! Bye Charles!’

Does Charlie even deserve $1Mil a show like CBS is offering, let alone $1.5Mil?

Breitbart reports:

“According to a person close to the actor, Sheen has told friends that wants to leave the hit CBS comedy in which he’s starred for seven years.

The person spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because Sheen had made the remarks in private and had not intended them to be discussed publicly.

CBS had no comment, spokesman Phil Gonzales said Thursday. An after-hours call to Sheen’s representatives was not immediately returned.

“Two and a Half Men,” which also stars Jon Cryer, is the top-rated comedy onTV and a key part of CBS’ Monday night lineup. Last year, CBS gave the show a three-year renewal, through the 2011-12 season, but Sheen’s contract is up at the end of the current season.

Sheen, 44, has tired of the demands of a weekly show and wants to focus on movies, the person close to him said. Sheen is in the upcoming film “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” a sequel to the 1987 “Wall Street” in which he starred.

Sheen’s desire to exit the sitcom was reported by People magazine online Thursday.”

Charlie Sheen Spawns Again

That damn Charlie Sheen, spreading his superhuman seed amongst the beautiful ladies…

He has spawned 2 more kids MAX and BOB (Can’t complain about the normal names).  How long do you give him for staying with this lady before he’s found in a hotel with Heidi Fleiss and 600 hookers?

0315 charlie sheen brooke 00 Charlie Sheen Spawns Again

The boys’ names are Max and Bob, a rep for Charlie told Access on Sunday afternoon.
The children are the first for the couple, who married in May 2008, and the first boys for Charlie. The “Two And A Half Men” star has three daughters from previous relationships – Sam and Lola, with ex-wife Denise Richards, and Cassandra-

Twitter’s Guess The Celebrity

Twitter is interesting. Just last night I read how John Mayer wants to know how much his leg weighs (which leg I ask…his 3rd?)….Ashton Kutcher fell asleep during a movie with Demi….and I let everyone know that I had an awesome breakfast omelet at The Grove.

There is a secret “Guess Which Celebrity I am” twitter profile. I cant figure it out really….take a look and let me know who it is. It may not be someone famous…because this girl looks like she has real large REAL boobs!