Howard Stern: Trump Is Going All The Way

Shock jock, Howard Stern said on his radio show Monday that he predicts Donald Trump will win the GOP nomination for president in 2016.

Stern made the comments while appearing on his SiriusXM show,

Howard Stern donlad trump

“I had some friends over for dinner and we were of course talking about Trump,” people are saying, we don’t think Trump’s going to be the nominee. Continue reading

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Only Candidate Who Can Defeat Hillary

While calling other Republican frontrunners “midgets,” Ann Coulter says she thinks Donald Trump has the best chance to beat Hillary Clinton.

Coulter, appearing on Fox News said in part,

ann-coulter donald trump comments

Look the country is boiling with rage over immigration and everyone, the elites are trying to destroy Trump because he’s injected it into the campaign now… Continue reading

Gun Used In Killing Of San Fran Woman BELONGS TO FEDERAL AGENT

Well now that’s odd.. Law enforcement officials are saying the weapon used in the seemingly random slaying of a San Francisco woman walking on the pier actually belongs to a federal agent.

Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, an illegal who had been deported numerous times, admitted to killing Kathryn Steinle, but now we are learning the gun he used was issued to a federal agent. Authorities declined to comment further..

Kathryn Steinle Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez

The official who was briefed on the matter says a police check of the weapon’s serial number shows it belonged to a federal agent. Continue reading