Sean Hannity Rick Perry Man GUNBOAT Guard The Border

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Sean Hannity and Gov. Rick Perry have personally taken on the task of guarding our borders by manning a boat mounted with machine guns.

The high-profile republicans are now defending us from the masses of immigrants migrating to the U.S.

Sean Hannity and Gov. Rick Perry gunboat


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I guess since the president was busy.

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  • Tim Faber

    Anybody know the difference between “immigrant” and “refugee?” Certainly not the ignorant media. Most of these children involved in this humanitarian crisis are fleeing war-torn communities. Who is too busy? The media is too busy sensationalizing and perpetuating hated. Look to other countries who provide humanitarian compassion to starving children. You idolize low-lifers like Hannity and Perry? You’re in the same sick boat, TheCountNews.

  • j. r.

    Two pees in a pod, not a spelling mistake. Un-informed Perry wants to run for President and maybe Hater Hannity will be his running mate. To use this humanitarian crisis as a political photo op, they are ready to shot them there immigrants. Another reason not to vote for him.