NY POLICE: Woman “Completely Fabricated” Story About Long Island Attack By MAGA Teens

BALDWIN, NY. (THECOUNT)Adwoa Lewis has been identified as the Long Island woman arrested Friday after being accused of filing a false police report.

Lewis, 19, was taken in custody after police determined she completely fabricated a story about hate crime she says was committed by a group of pro-Trump teens while on New York’s Long Island.

Detectives say, Lewis provided them with a false written statement saying she was driving home on Sept. 2 when four teenagers confronted her.

Lewis alleged the teens yelled “Trump 2016!” and said she didn’t belong here. Continue reading

Salt Lake City Mormon Missionaries Among Injured In Brussels Terror Attack

Three missionaries from Utah were seriously injured in the Brussels airport terrorist attack, Mormon church officials confirmed today. The group had just cleared an airport security checkpoint and were standing near a United Airlines’ ticket counter when the deadly blast took place.

The attack, which took the lives of at least 34 and injured nearly 200, left visiting missionaries, Richard Norby, 66, Joseph Empey, 20 and Mason Wells, 19, with serious injuries. Thankfully, they are expected to survive.

richard-norby-joseph-empey-mason-wells-mormon-missionaries-brussels-terror-attack scene

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement Tuesday identifying them as 66-year-old Richard Norby of Lehi, 20-year-old Joseph Empey of Santa Clara and 19-year-old Mason Wells of Sandy. Continue reading

Black Man Charged In String Of St. Louis Black Church Fires

Authorities have charged a black St. Louis man with arson over setting ablaze two of seven churches in an mostly African-American part of the St. Louis.

Federal investigators say, considering the circumstances, it will be hard to charge, David Lopez Jackson, 35, with committing a hate crime.

david lopez jackson st louis church fires arson

Jackson was charged Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court with two counts of second-degree arson in the fires at Ebenezer Lutheran Church and New Life Missionary Baptist Church, both in the city. Continue reading

Snapchat VIDEO Captures Church KILLER Moments Before Attack

A young victim killed in the brutal shooting at the historic Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., shared a Snapchat video from the ill-fated bible study group moments before Dylann Storm Roof allegedly killed 9 people.

Tywanza Sander posted a video to Snapchat moments before Roof opened fire. In the video Roof can be seen sitting at a table with other doomed church members.

Tywanza Sander Snapchat dylann roof

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Girl 13 Yelling ‘CRACKER’ Viciously Beats Girl 10 In Possible Hate Crime

A video of an attack posted to YouTube shows, Danielle Fair, 10, being viciously beaten by another girl, 13.

The older girl delivered non-stop blows to Danielle’s head, face and neck while yelling “cracker,” and other racial slurs.

Danielle Fair beating cracker

Cleveland police are now investigating the incident as a possible hate crime after the 13-year-old black girl assailed the 10-year-old white girl for no apparent reason. Continue reading

CNN Reporter Utters Racial Slur LIVE ON-AIR

“At the end of this, Deryl Dedmon is laughing with his friends and actually called on a cell phone and, pardon my language but there’s no other way to say this — ‘I just ran over that f—ing nigger,’ that’s what he said. And it was a clear-cut case of pure racial-intent murder that took place there, which is why it was so easy to apply the hate crime legislation in this case,” Signed, Drew Griffin, CNN.


High School Kid Tweets 600 Adult Stars To Be His Prom Date

A high school student named Mike Stone, from Oakdale, Minn., couldn’t get a prom date from his own school, “Tartan High School”, so he made a smart move and reached out beyond that little pool of options.

Stone, who is an 18-year-old Senior, reached out to several girls via Twitter, most of them being pornographic actresses. Stone, who goes by @madmike42948 on Twitter, sent out tweets to 600-some pornographic actresses, asking them if they would be his prom date, and a few actually responded!

One pornographic star who responded, was Emy Reyes, who tweeted Mad Mike back, “I would love tooo!”. Another pornographic star named Megan Piper, responded as well, tweeting back “If you can get me there, then yes :)”. She meant from L.A. to Minn.! Stone then picked Piper to be the lucky gal, and started raising money right away lol!

Just when Stone became hopeful and excited that he finally scored a date to his prom, his dream was crushed soon after. The school district’s superintendent Patty Phillips stepped in and said that Piper, who is 19, “would be prohibited from attending the dance because her appearance would be “inconsistent” with two district policies pertaining to visitors to school buildings and sites.”

If Stone was in the midst of raising money to facilitate Piper’s cost-free trip, and now she’s not going, maybe he’ll just upgrade his tux and buy some extra prom photos instead… wah waoooooh.

This is mere proof that when you throw that fishing line out there, you’ll more than likely get a bite!

Your Author is Lisa Mason Lee, March 21, 2012