Jodi Arias To ASK Jury For DEATH?

Jodi Arias is a convicted murderer.. A murderer with a personal website, twitter account and everything else that goesa along with being a celebrity.. Call it manipulation, reverse psychology, or just plain crazy like a fox, Arias is reported to be considering addressing the jury with a daunting request.. Kill me.


News of Arias and her bonafied death wish comes as sort of a revelation as her enterprises are on full tilt blast cash machines! Not only is her @JodiAnnArias twitter account been revived, but she has announced that she has a personal website and email address! Continue reading

Nicole Kidman: BOTOX RELAPSE

How do I put this gently? Dear Nicole Kidman: cool it with the Botox already! Once upon a time, you had a fresh face, and not just because you were more youthful, but because you didn’t pump a bunch of chemicals into your money maker! When you grow old gracefully, people tend to excepted it more and maybe that’s because it happens over time, and they don’t really notice as much, conversely, when you use the Botox to get that youthful appearance – everybody knows! Because it happens overnight and there’s the little matter of you not being able to move your fricken forehead!

Nicole Kidman – Swiss Marquee on Derby Day in Melbourne looking like she’s ready to crack.

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Penelope Cruz Steals Show in Film “Nine” with Sexy Burlesque

The not yet released ‘musical’ film “Nine“, is filled with a star-studded cast: Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, ‘Prostitute’ Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench and Sophia Loren.

Even though Fergie plays a prostitute, Nicole Kidman plays a sexy muse, and Kate Hudson plays a Vogue journalist, critics say it’s Pene’lope Cruz who looks set to steal the show.


The Daily Mail reports: “The Spanish actress [Penelope Cruz] puts on a racy burlesque performance in the highly anticipated movie which revolves around a film director, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, suffering from a mid-life crisis.”

“Cruz, who plays his mistress, slips into full seduction mode for the scene, in which she cavorts around in a basque, panties, pull-up stockings and high heels.”

pcruz Penelope Cruz Steals Show in Film Nine with Sexy Burlesque