Jodi Arias is a convicted murderer.. A murderer with a personal website, twitter account and everything else that goesa along with being a celebrity.. Call it manipulation, reverse psychology, or just plain crazy like a fox, Arias is reported to be considering addressing the jury with a daunting request.. Kill me.



News of Arias and her bonafied death wish comes as sort of a revelation as her enterprises are on full tilt blast cash machines! Not only is her @JodiAnnArias twitter account been revived, but she has announced that she has a personal website and email address!

Arias’ “art” has been proven to be nothing more than trace work… mostly of published advertisements. But let’s face it, it is probably better than most of us could do.



Search results for “JodiArias” resulted in zero listings at Ebay.   The seller of Arias “artwork” on Ebay, “0817soldierofchrist,” also no longer has listings on EBay.

This drawing of Grace Kelly… yes, that is supposedly Grace Kelly… sold for $1,000 before EBay shut her and “soldier” down.

jodi ebay art

As for how Arias is adjusting to her 23-hour confinement in Estrella Jail, she must be one very busy person when it comes to using that one hour of “freedom” to accomplish everything she has done re her new site and sellin’ those DV t-shirts… it has to take a bit of exacting coordination and communication with the outside world.

jodi estrella jail

When it come to the rules re phone usage at Estrella Jail, it is very restricted:

The maximum allowable local call length is 12 minutes. The maximum allowable long distance call length is 20 minutes.

Arias is also restricted on what she reads… according to MaricopaCountySheriff’sOffice:

“…Books are distributed on a monthly basis to all jails according to a regularly scheduled delivery procedure.Certain publications, deemed inappropriate for reasons of safety or security, are prohibited in the jails. Magazines depicting nudity or violence, books promoting illegal activity, and subjects such as “locksmithing” and “winemaking” are not allowed. The most popular books are westerns, especially by author Louis L’Amour; horror stories by such authors as Stephen King and Dean Koontz; and romance novels by Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele.”   NOTE:  For “horror,” she can simply close her eyes and re-play her brutal actions that took place in June 2008.

JODI knife

According to… Arias is expected to address the jury on Monday! Defense attorney, Kirk Nurmi, stated in his opening statement in the penalty phase that she WILL speak to the jury.  Knowing Nurmi and Arias, and how things suddenly change with those two, let’s hope that the killer does speak…

Arias to address the Jury on Monday, May 20, 2013
Killer Will Talk To Jury on Monday, May 20, 2013

KIMBERLY ROSS:  "I'm Havin' Her Baby... NOT Dona-Man!"


Supposedly, Kimberly Ross, whom Arias became friendly with in Estrella Jail was to speak on her behalf, as is Darryl Brewer and her druggie friend, Patty Womack… Tatted-Patty is shown seated next to Arias #1 Mom and havin’ a great time:



HOW does Arias continue her assault on not only her victim, whom she slaughtered, and his family, but decent citizens worldwide who simply cannot imagine her actions now that she has been convicted of first degree murder?  

WHO is purchasing her “artwork”?  

WHERE is the money going?  

WHO is managing her email and website?  

HOW can these people associating with her be proud of what they are doing?

SHOULD we just lay off Jodi?