Golf Balls Said The Queen, If I Had Two I’d Be King

A North Carolina man posted what could be the saddest Craigslist ad ever, selling his golf clubs because his new wife won’t let him play anymore.

Tim K. in Wilmington is selling his beloved clubs after his wife laid down the law, no more fun now that you’re a married man.

married man sells golf clubs craigslist

“The clubs are awesome, hit well, great feel and control,” he said. Continue reading

Pro Golfer Mugged In Hawaii During Golf Channel Event

Pro golfer Robert Allenby, was kidnapped near Waikiki while visiting a wine bar, then beaten and robbed. He sustained facial injuries in the attack, as seen in a photo he took of himself.

Allenby, 40, was in Hawaii participating in the Sony Open airing on the Golf Channel.


Reports are that he was kidnapped from a wine bar near Waikiki, and after the assault and robbery, was dropped off miles away in an unknown park. Continue reading