Reese Witherspoon LIED To Law Enforcement ‘I’m PREGNANT!’ [VIDEO!]

Wow! And everybody thought that Reese Witherspoon was such the girl next-door.. NOT! AND Not only did the disgraced actress throw a drunken rage while her hubby was getting arrested, she also lied to law enforcement by telling the cops she was pregnant! It all came out in the in wino wash as Witherspoon spoke today to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. Reese told George a lot of “crazy things” were said that night, and one of those ‘things’ was a HUGE down right LIE about being pregnant! And guess what folks? There’s a LAW against lying to law-enforcement during an investigation! That’s right! And guess what double? It’s punishable by jail! No word on if Atlanta cops will be following up on Witherspoon’s lying ways..

reese withspoon
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George Stephanopoulos Confuses Famed NBA Coach For Morgan Freeman

This instantly cracked me up. George Stephanopoulos mistaking Maine NBA coach Bill Russell for you guessed it Morgan Freeman the resemblance is anything but uncanny…
Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 9.22.02 AM


George Stephanopoulos is clearly not a basketball fan … ’cause if he was, he might’ve known the old white-bearded African American man hangin’ out at the Presidential Inauguration was NBA icon Bill Russell … and not Morgan Freeman.

George was providing the play-by-play for ABC this morning … when he started pointing out some of the famous people in the D.C. crowd … and mixed up one legendary black guy for another.

George was quickly corrected by someone on the production — and he apologized for the gaffe. tmz