Lamar Odom RESPONDS: Khloe And Rick Ross? Rapper Please!

How stoked is Khloe Kardashian that her EX was conveniently banished to Europe, more specifically, the EU league? Lamar Odom blew his chance to be Khloe Kardashian’s main man, and now that rapper, Rick Ross has stepped in to fill his former wife’s void, (a.k.a., a backdoor man,) Lamar has no say so in the matter.. Okay well, maybe a little say so.lamar-odom-sweating

Odom spoke out in the press saying he thinks Khloe dating Ross is an attempt at making HIM jealous. Really Lamar? Way to float down the denial river. Continue reading

Open Invite: Hang w/ Lisa Mason Lee at ‘Paintball Indiana’ For A Good Cause!

I would like to invite YOU to have some good old fashioned fun this Sunday at Paintball Indiana in Martinsville, IN.

MyIndyTV-23 has teamed up with Paintball Indiana for the event, to give every guest a special rate to play, plus the entire event’s proceeds will be helping a good cause- the “Easter Seals Crossroads” Charity.
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Odd: “FarmVille” Game Facebook Provokes Mother Kills Son

Happy Halloween?

Alex FarmVille

Internet game/app “FarmVille”, who is owned by company “Zynga”, has gotten a bad rep as of late for selling users’ info to advertisers without the users’ permission. Now FarmVille is in even hotter water today because a young mother has confessed to ‘snapping during a Facebook game of Farmville, and killing her son’ so she could concentrate on her game!

This 22 year old Jacksonville, FL woman by the name of Alexandra Tobias, has admitted to shaking her three-month-old baby to death because “his cries kept interrupting her game of FarmVille”! She now faces up to life in prison for the murder.

She told investigators during the shaking, she stopped to have a cigarette to calm down, then shook him again, and said she “maybe” struck him. He then died.

A bad case of “social media addiction” aka SMA?