Selena Widower Chris Perez Makes Surprise Visit To San Antonio Vigil

Chris Perez made a surprise visit joining San Antonio‘s tribute to his fallen wife Tejano singer, Selena.

Perez said he usually secludes himself on the anniversary of his wife’s murder, but this year emerged, saying it was the outpouring of love from fans that inspired him to attend.

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“On the 20th anniversary of the tragedy that happened in 1995, let’s lift up Selena’s legacy and inspire generations to come,” said Perez. Continue reading

Boy Cuts HIGH RISE Worker’s SAFETY CORD To Hear Cartoons

A Chinese boy, 8, left a high-rise worker dangling midair after cutting his safety cord because he could not hear his cartoons..

The panicked worked yelled down to a co-worker, who called firemen. He was rescued about 40 minutes later.

Boy Cuts HIGH RISE Worker's SAFETY CORD To Hear Cartoons

Xinhua quoted the worker, surnamed Liu, as saying:

“When I was using the electric drill, I felt my lower rope shaking. Then I saw the boy cutting the rope with a knife.”

“I shouted at him to stop but he didn’t listen and soon after, the rope was broken. That’s when I called to my workmate for help,’ Liu said.”

Shanghaiist says that after speaking with police, “the boy finally admitted to what he did”:

“His father, surnamed Tang, was called to come back home from work. He gave Liu a sincere apology on behalf of his son and compensated him with … a new safety rope.”

Annoyed at the construction racket outside his window, the boy decided to cut the safety line on the man’s rappelling apparatus.

Utah Man Fired By FedEx Over Accent

A Utah truck driver is suing FedEx because he says the shipping company fired him over his thick Russian accent.

Driver, Ismail Aliyev, has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against Memphis Tennessee-based FedEx and a long-haul contractor, the company that did the firing.

Ismail said he offered to meet with corporate brass to demonstrate his English speaking ability, but it was no use he was fired anyway.

It all started when Ismail was driving along a stretch of Utah highway when he came upon a Way Station. The Way Station agent actually issued a warning to FedEx because of Ismail’s Russian accent citing his ability to communicate.

“I think for a driver, my English is not too bad,” said Aliyev, now an independent trucker, adding, “It really does hurt.”

“FedEx just decided they didn’t want to deal with him, or even talk to him,” said Ismail’s lawyer. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount for lost wages and punitive damages.