Boy Cuts HIGH RISE Worker’s SAFETY CORD To Hear Cartoons

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A Chinese boy, 8, left a high-rise worker dangling midair after cutting his safety cord because he could not hear his cartoons..

The panicked worked yelled down to a co-worker, who called firemen. He was rescued about 40 minutes later.

Boy Cuts HIGH RISE Worker's SAFETY CORD To Hear Cartoons




Xinhua quoted the worker, surnamed Liu, as saying:

“When I was using the electric drill, I felt my lower rope shaking. Then I saw the boy cutting the rope with a knife.”

“I shouted at him to stop but he didn’t listen and soon after, the rope was broken. That’s when I called to my workmate for help,’ Liu said.”

Shanghaiist says that after speaking with police, “the boy finally admitted to what he did”:

“His father, surnamed Tang, was called to come back home from work. He gave Liu a sincere apology on behalf of his son and compensated him with … a new safety rope.”

Annoyed at the construction racket outside his window, the boy decided to cut the safety line on the man’s rappelling apparatus.

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