Youtube Star Steven Fernandez Arrested Over Exploiting Underage Girl

Skateboarding YouTube star, Steven Fernandez, was arrested Wednesday after Los Angeles police accused him of using his celebrity status to exploit an underage girl.

Fernandez hooked up with a girl, 12, by promising to introduce her to celebrities in exchange for sexual acts. Reports say the girl agreed and an act was committed, according to cops.

Steven Fernandez youtube

According to the LAPD — an investigation began last month — the victim told cops Fernandez lured her into a car, promised to introduce her to celebs and give her an appearance on his non-existent MTV show. Continue reading

Olympian Kurt Angle Brother Murders Wife Over Vodka

The brother of Olympic gold medal winner, Kurt Angle has been arrested and charged with killing his wife in an argument over vodka.

David Angle, 62, confessed to homicide detectives that he began arguing with his wife, Donna Angle, 57, about 3 a.m. Sunday over a drink of vodka.

Kurt Angle brother arrested 6

“He told her he didn’t want any, but she continued to badger him about drinking with her,” detectives wrote in a criminal complaint. Continue reading

KNOCKOUT GAME Strikes LA! Young Woman DECKED Sent To Hospital

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying two men who assaulted a 19-year-old girl who was walking near her Long Beach apartment complex Monday.knockout game LA

According to L.B.P.D., the victim was walking home, when two men assaulted her, knocking her unconscious. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment of significant facial injuries.

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Young Tourist KILLED By Panhandler OVER $1 On Hollywood WALK OF FAME

Woman killed on walk of fame. Los Angeles prosecutors arrested three panhandlers and charged them in the fatal stabbing of a young woman who refused to give them $1 for taking their photographs on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.” The murder occurred the same week Jennifer Lopez was receiving Star number 2,500 on the popular boulevard.
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