Dennis and Kimberly Quaid BACK ON! BUT Divorce IRREVERSIBLE!

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid got back together! Wow! That’s the good news! The bad news? The reunited couple’s pending divorce can not be nullified! In other words, they can’t stop their divorce from going through!


TMZ is reporting that before getting back together, both Dennis and Kimberly signed the divorce documents that are being processed and that paperwork is going through the system, no matter what! It can not be stopped!

A source close to the couple told TMZ back in October, “Kimberly is fed up with Dennis’ cheating and wants out of the marriage. He’s not a good husband.” She was gunning for primary physical custody of the twins, as well as spousal support. It’s not the couple’s first change of heart. Back in March, 2012, Kimberly filed for divorce but withdrew the petition two months later. Assuming the divorce becomes final, it’s unclear if Dennis and Kimberly will remarry.

I find this fascinating! Not the unstoppable divorce situation, but rather the fact that these two actually got back together! Who in Hollywood does that?

Gerard Butler Jessica Biel ‘Playing For Keeps’ Bombs At Boxoffice Weekend Haul Paltry $6MIL

Despite a B+ CinemaScore, “Playing for Keeps,” starring Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid, reported in at a disappointing No. 6 domestically.

Could one of the reasons be this movie is performing so poorly that Butler is trying to pull-off playing a college student? He does right?

Title, Weeks in Release/Theater Count, Studio, Three Day Weekend Total, Cume

1. Skyfall, 5/3,401, MGM/Sony, $11 million, $261.2 million.

2. Rise of the Guardians, 3/3,639, DreamWorks Animation/Paramount, $10.5 million, $61.9 million.

3. Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, 4/3,646, Summit, $9.2 million, $268.7 million.

4. Lincoln, 5/2,014, DreamWorks/Disney$9.1 million, $97.3 million.

5. Life of Pi, 3/2,946, Fox, $8.3 million, $60.9 million.

6. Playing for Keeps, 1/2,837, FilmDistrict, $6 million, $6 million.

7. Wreck-It Ralph, 6/2,746, Disney, $4.9 million, $164.4 million.

8. Red Dawn, 3/2,754, FilmDistrict, $4.3 million, $37.3 million.

9Flight, 6/2,413, Paramount, $3.1 million, $86.2 million.

10. Killing Them Softly, 2/2,424, The Weinstein Co., $2.7 million, $11.8 million.

Dennis Quaid: ‘ENOUGH! I Want A Divorce!”

Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly are getting a divorce. It was Kimberly who initiated the separation process by filing papers on Dennis asking for some time apart. It was only one short month later that she pulled those docs.

Now it seems that Dennis has had enough, as he is the party officially responsible for filing the divorce first, a bragging right among the rich and famous.

Dennis is seeking joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s four-year-old twins and there will be the usual request for spousal support.

Apparently the couple has been planning to call it quits for sometime now but they could not officially file for divorce until now because they moved to California during the summer and the state requires a 6-month residency requirement before someone can file for divorce.

Christian Bale Goes Insane on Set of Terminator

Shane Hurlbut, the DP, made the cardinal mistake by walking through a live set on “Terminator: Salvation,” Bale was in the middle of a big scene.

christian bale sweaty Christian Bale Goes Insane on Set of Terminator

Bale is a nutty nut.

Christian Bale went nuts, screaming obscenities at the top of his lungs.Shane Hurlbut, (“Swing Vote,” “Semi-Pro,” “The Reckoning,” “Crazy/Beautiful”) must be mortified and probably won’t be working with Bale again.

It was not all that long ago, Bale was arrested for abusing his own mother and sister. Charges were dropped in that case after Bale made good with his mum.

This tape is proof positive Bale has a problem with his anger.