Korean Maxim Cover Sparks OUTRAGE Over Bound Woman

The cover of this month’s Maxim magazine is being slammed on social media for featuring a bound woman in the trunk of a car.

Maxim Korea sports the headline “Women like bad guys? This is a real bad guy. Are you dying to love it?”

korean maxim cover kim byung ok scandal 2

An image of the cover posted to the magazine’s Facebook page has been inundated with comments from those furious about the depiction of domestic violence. Continue reading

Mothers Rejoice After ELLE Cover Features Breastfeeding Model

ELLE magazine released a bold cover featuring Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding her baby, Zion.

Inspired by the hashtag #NormalizeBreastfeeding, the leaked cover spread like wildfire across Twitter and other social media outlets.

Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding elle

The model had her four-month-old baby Zion with her on the shoot. The photos were not planned or contrived: baby had to eat, and when the art directors saw how beautiful the image of mom feeding her child was, they decided to move Trunfio and her baby onto the set. She’s a gorgeous supermodel who’d probably look beautiful doing anything, but that’s beside the point. You probably want to shove her for looking this amazing four months postpartum, but that’s totally beside the point, too. Don’t you want to just shove her a little? Not so she falls all the way down, just to her knee. h/t scarymommy

How do you feel about the cover? Too much too soon? Or just enough for our rapidly changing times? Comment below!

Breastfeeding Mom Involved In Friendly’s COVERUP

Tabitha Donohue says she was nursing her eight-week-old daughter inside a restaurant called (of all things) Friendly’s when she was asked by the manager to cover that up.

Now a group of moms is planning a nursing demonstration at that establishment this weekend in protest.

Tabitha Donohue friendlys

“I was offended. They came over and asked me if I cared that I was offending other people,” Donohue said. Continue reading

DRAKE Issues Statement MISSPELLS Philip Seymour Hoffman

THECOUNT.COM EXCLUSIVE: A tough day at the office, is about to get a lot tougher for rapper Drake, after issuing a statement on his Rolling Stone cover debackel and in the process, misspelling Philip Seymour Hoffman’s name.. See in red below.drake young
This no joke people! It is really hurting the rapper’s career! And this will NOT help! Continue reading

Zooey Deschael Cosmopolitan Controversy as JULY 2013 COVER 2012 RETREAD

The Internet has been a buzz ever since Zooey Deschanel appeared on a random red carpet without her trademark bangs. The actress was literally unrecognizable. Flash forward to next month, as in July, and some make take solace in the fact Deschanel is again looking like her old self appearing on the cover of Australian, Cosmopolitan, there’s just one small problem, TheCount.com can exclusively reveal – the Aussi unit of the iconic fashion magazine used a photo of the actress taken way a back in September, 2012..

Continue reading

VIDEO: Lady Gaga Sick? On Drugs? Nearly Collapsing Again!

Saturday night, March 13rd, Lady Gaga was doing a concert in Auckland, New Zealand. This video shows her performing her final song “Bad Romance”, and she nearly passes out! She lays on the stage the majority of the song, and when she stands up, she almost falls back down like she’s out of it. It looks like she isn’t able to sing either. I hope she’s okay. Watch this shocking video!