Plagiarism Cases STACKING UP Against Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran just got hit with another lawsuit claiming he ripped off “The Rest of Our Life,” a song he wrote for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The new suit against the 26-year-old superstar, filed by members of Jasmine Rae, caused showbiz411 to ask the question, “So why why why does he [Sheeran] have such a bad problem with plagiarism?”

“‘The Rest of Our Life,’ sounds so much like Jasmine Rae’s 2014 hit “When I Found You” that its Australian writers, Sean Carey and Beau Golden, have filed suit against Sheeran, et al. And yes, the songs are very much alike,” lamented showbiz411. Continue reading

Batman Theater Shooter Told Cops He Was “The Joker”

At a news conference this afternoon, addressing the horrible Aurora, CO theater shooting during last night’s midnight showing of “Batman: Dark Knight Rises,” New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the shooter thought he was “The Joker.”

Kelly told reporters,“We have some information, most of it is public. It clearly looks like a deranged individual. He had his hair painted red, he said he was ‘The Joker,’ obviously the ‘enemy’ of Batman.”

But isn’t The Joker known to have green hair? Not red?

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Megan Fox Robot Double at 2011 Golden Globes?

Megan Fox was in attendance at last night’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Fox was a presenter, but didn’t present an award, she just announced a preview of the movie“The Tourist”.

M. Fox

Fox did not look like she normally does last night. She has lost at least 10 pounds and has become too skinny, and her face structure has changed in a dramatic way. This is why I kind of think that she has a body double who might be a robot, or another girl that was been hired to act as Fox! LOL!

I put together some comparison photos of her at the Golden Globes in 2010 vs. GG in 2011. You tell me if you think it’s botox and weightloss or, if this isn’t Fox at all! Blade Runner eyes?
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Photos: Lady Gaga Loves Stealing Madonna’s Looks

I’m really tired of people saying that Lady Gaga is the new Madonna or that Gaga looks like Madonna. Gaga and Madonna are very different from looks to voice. Lady Gaga tries to look Madonna by doing her hair like Madonna, her makeup like Madonna and Gaga rips a ton of Madonna’s costumes.

Gaga can keep on trying to steal Madonna’s ways, but she’ll never look like Madonna did in her hay day.

Here’s a list of everything that is different between Madonna and Gaga:
Teeth (Madonna’s straight)
Boob shape (Madonna’s perky-Gaga not)
Body type (Madonna athletic and toned-Gaga not)

Okay now comparison pictures: