Who Will Play Scorsese’s ‘Frank Sinatra’? Leonardo DiCaprio or Johnny Depp

Lisa Mason Lee - May 14, 2009

In our story about ‘Martin Scorsese to Direct Frank Sinatra Movie‘, we are wondering who will play the role of Frank?

DiCaprio or Depp?

DiCaprio or Depp?

Who could play the legendary Frank Sinatra on the big screen? Who could portray him the best? Who looks close enough to Frank? Is there an ‘A’ list actor with blue eyes like Frank’s?

Would Universal/Scorsese cast a newbie actor?


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According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Martin Scorsese has put Johnny Depp at the top of his wish list of actors to play Ol’ Blue Eyes.

But Entertainment Weekly reports “Scorsese had reportedly been eyeing longtime collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio (Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed) for the lead role. But now that the Universal produced ‘period piece’ film Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, looks like a potential winner, the studio is eager to line up Depp’s next high-profile project. [As if Depp doesn’t have enough movies in the works! Look at his ‘IMDB’ profile!]

Comparing the two actors, Leonardo DiCaprio has obviously done very well pulling off ‘period piece’ characters. Leo’s characters in Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed and Catch Me If You Can, display his ability to take his look back in time. Leonardo also has light eyes. His eye color is a light green with blue hints. So, not completely blue like Sinatra’s.

Leo in Aviator

Leo in Aviator

In Johnny Depp’s new film “Public Enemies,” Johnny plays legendary gangster ‘John Dillinger’ and pulls off the Sinatra look A+! As for having blue eyes like Sinatra, Johnny Depp’s eye color is brown, not blue. A few of the many Johnny Depp ‘period piece’ movie credits are From Hell, Chocolat, Sleepy Hollow, The Ninth Gate, Ed Wood and Cry Baby. So, we know Johnny can do this too!

Depp in Public Enemies

Depp in Public Enemies

This will be a hard one to call. Who do you think best suits Sinatra?

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  • Chloe Hooper


  • are youserious

    F#%K johnny.

  • Marina

    The best would be Joaquin Phoenix!

  • RC

    Two things that do not matter:
    A. Singing voice. Who cares if the actor cast can sing like Sinatra. The studio will use Sinatra’s original recordings so the actor will be lip-synching.
    B. Eye color. Who cares what color eye the actor has? Blue contact lenses can be worn to give the actor an ‘ole blue eyes’ look
    What DOES matter? The ACTING. Both DiCaprio and Depp could pull this off, but my choice for the role is DiCaprio. He is such a wonderful (and underrated) actor and he and Scorcese work together beautifully! Scorcese knows exactly how to get the best out of DiCaprio and Leo delivers everytime. I hope Leo plays the role!

  • RD